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Why Critical Thinking is so Important During the Pandemic

I realize that much of what I share can be controversial. The fact is, you must go against the grain to attain a healthy body, mind, and spirit while living in today’s world. Whether that involves a pandemic or not. Toxicity and darkness exists alongside the beautiful abundance that is ever present in our world.

My intention is to empower individuals with information and understanding so they can make better choices for themselves. I also encourage you to question the world around you, including yourself. Questions help bring clarity and can ultimately lead to greater health on all levels – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

Should we Make Decisions while in Fear?

First off, I want to be clear. I am not anti anything. I am not an anti-vaxxer. I am not anti government. I am not anti lockdowns. I am pro health. I am pro individual sovereignty. I am for a human’s right to choose what is best for their property, their body. I am for humans doing their own research and coming to their own conclusions – thinking for themselves.

I do not believe that anyone can choose what’s best for anyone else, even during a pandemic. We each have our God given free will to make decisions about our bodies. When the desire to control others becomes a factor, free will is ignored. Many often end up making decisions out of fear rather than grounded knowing or understanding. Fear muddies the waters and real answers are thus hard to come by.

Fear is used as a form of control to push agendas. Humans do not make rational, clear decisions from a state of fear. Yet, that’s the state of being most have been in throughout this year. If someone is pushing fear on you, chances are, what they are pushing is warped and it lacks truth. If you are not in a state of fear, you can tune into that inner knowing that we all have, and get a sense about what feels true and what doesn’t.

Is there more than COVID-19 at play?

I do not believe in the narrative the media is propagating about a pandemic. However, I do believe there is a new virus that we’d not seen on this planet until this year (or late last year). Has it contributed to the illness and death of some? It certainly seems so. But I do not believe it’s been the only cause to those who have passed with it or even struggled tremendously recovering from it. The thing is, we all have pathogens and toxins already in our bodies. Because of the state of toxicity on the planet and thus in most people, those pathogens are out of balance. 

These damaging pathogens are already present in one’s body and are given an even greater chance to thrive when one is contracts a new pathogen like COVID-19. On top of that, when one already has a weakened immune system from said pathogens, it is easy for this new virus to come in and team up and wreak more havoc together. At this point, it’s quite conclusive that covid on its own is unlikely to cause death. There are so many viruses and bacteria already out there causing cancer and autoimmune conditions. Yet, we focus on the one we are told to.

Is Covid Testing Accurate?

The inaccuracy of tests has been talked about quite a bit both in mainstream and alternative sources. Though, most are still trusting the test results to some degree. I’ve heard of various employers asking for testing and then suggesting multiple tests because of accuracy issues. It stands to reason that multiple tests will not improve accuracy of the outcome if none of them are reliable.

The accuracy of COVID-19 testing can easily be an entire article of its own. The CDC has owned up to various discrepancies all through out the year. Many sources have also investigated and reported on testing issues. I myself tend to refer back to the beginning of this “pandemic” remembering how we were told millions would pass from it. If this was so, would we be seeing many more around us getting ill and passing?

There are some people out there who have had 1,2,3 or more loved ones or acquaintances who have had covid and even passed with it. And I am sure that can be scary, and cause one to be concerned for their own lives. I also know that there are still many people out there who haven’t known anyone personally who has had it. So, how will we even know if a vaccine is working if so few of us are witnessing many who are afflicted by the virus? Are we to simply and blindly trust the same people who told us millions would be dying from this virus?

Consider that the influenza (or flu) cases are significantly down this year. That virus didn’t just go away. It is more likely the covid-19 numbers are in part from those who actually have the common flu instead.

Censorship Alive and Well

There are plenty of sources that are offering alternative answers to the pandemic. But you will need to really dig for it as censorship is at an all time high. And why are people being shut down and silenced to such unprecedented degrees in the first place?  Just last week ago, an ex pharma saleswoman named Brandy Vaughn was found dead after working hard to expose the vaccine industry. Just a month prior, she warned friends and family she might be in danger and asked to be assured that her son was cared for if something were to happen to her. This is a severe example of the censorship levels we are experiencing.

Please do your own research and do not blindly trust what you’re told. The media does not have our best interest in mind. Before 2020, just about anyone I know would say they don’t trust the media (or the government), yet here they are believing the news “stories”. Enough is enough. Critical thinking is CRITICAL more now than ever. So is the use of your intuition. Because YouTube and Facebook are censoring hardcore, it’s helpful to seek out other avenues. Bitchute is a site where videos are not censored. 

What about a vaccine?

So many around the world have been waiting for the arrival of a saving grace during the so called pandemic. The world has been awaiting a vaccine. This can create a whole host of new issues. But it’s not my job to tell someone what they should or shouldn’t do. So, if you are considering a vaccine, it’s important you know what would be going into the body, as it can have long term, permanent negative affects. It’s also important to realize there are already toxins and bugs in the body that most are totally unaware of. These bugs get fed by toxins, including many ingredients in vaccines. As a result, vaccines can actually push someone over the edge and cause them to have a vaccine injury or start to exhibit symptoms they didn’t before. In some cases, it can even result in death. 

Vaccines often contain ingredients like mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, and many more substances that are toxic to the human body. All of these weaken the immune system and add to toxic accumulation that most everyone is already dealing with as a result of living in a world with so many toxins. In addition to that, cell cultures from embryos and other animals are also not uncommon to find in vaccines.

If you are considering being vaccinated with the COVID-19 vaccine, I suggest you at least read the insert for it. You can find that here. In addition to the ingredients, you can see what possible “side effects” one can have. Get quiet within yourself and really ask your body if this is what’s best for it.

Out of fear, I decided to get a new MMR vaccine before traveling to India 8 years ago. I felt achiness in the arm where I received the shot immediately. It would come and go for many months and aches throughout my body began. I started getting more symptoms shortly after and a year later, I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, an “autoimmune” condition. At that point I had trouble maintaining a normal job because fatigue and brain fog had become hard to manage. I now know there was more going on behind the scenes before I got the MMR. But I do believe that vaccine pushed my body over the edge into chronic illness.

Ideally, we all have strong immune systems that protect us from foreign invaders. But, because of the high levels of toxicity in the world, most people have compromised immune systems. However, they can be recovered and restored with the right attention. Here are some tips I offer. Just know that your body was designed to work hard for you and is always wanting to do so. It just needs the presence of the rights tools!

Is Compassion Always the Answer?

If you care about the state of humanity, help encourage others through compassion, not through anger or further division. I realize, the word “compassion” has been SO overused and thrown around. But, the truth is, compassion is never the wrong answer. Yes, even when you are literally physically defending your life against another.

And don’t get me wrong, to feel anger throughout this “pandemic” is completely fine and normal. Believe me, I’ve had to deal with my own bouts of complete outrage and disgust this year. But, when we do our best to process it without taking it out on someone else, we are helping move things in the right direction. Throw things, break things, scream into a pillow. Whatever it takes. But don’t throw that energy around and use it as fuel to attack others who are already struggling.

Not everyone sees the light just yet but many are on the verge. It can be fucking scary to wake up to the notion that those we have trusted for information are complete psychopaths that literally seek to harm humanity. It’s heartbreaking and often so destabilizing when one’s worldview crumbles down. That said, I do believe many people’s paradigm’s need to crumble along with the current systems of control.

If you are someone who’s already shifted your paradigm and realize the old needs to fall away to make room for the new, you can help those who are on the brink. Be gentle, yet perhaps persistent. And most importantly, focus on what we are looking to build, not what is falling away.  We want to focus our efforts and energy on that we wish to see. Envision it and spend time really focusing on it. While also helping others understand they do not have to comply, that they have inherent rights, and that their inner sense about things being “off” are there for a reason. And check out this article for suggestions on leading by example, not force.

Is Everything is Falling Apart?

If you feel your entire world being rocked. You are not alone. I have heard and seen so many say that they’ve long felt like something wasn’t quite right and they’re finally seeing that intuitive sense was right. We are finding that this “pandemic” to be a catalyst. The old way of doing things is simply not working. And they haven’t been for some time now. In truth, I don’t believe the current “system” was ever designed to work for us – and this is part of what we are waking up to. 

The veils are lifting so we can see what’s underneath it all and get clear. When we get clear within ourselves, we speak up and speak out. We do the inner work to heal – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. When we do this inner work, it ripples out in major ways to change the world around us. The outer world reflects the inner. We help those around us and in doing so, we see that we really are all one.

One thing is certain. The old ways are dying. Parts of you may be as well. Allow yourself to grieve. It can hurt, but once you realize this process is for the betterment of all, maybe you can trust it and let go into it. You are here at this time for a reason. You are waking up. Check out this post for support through it.

The world needs you to get honest with yourself and to step into your power. As you become empowered, others around you do as well. We, the people, have been disempowered for a long time, but there are many of us who are rising now. We are ready to create a world where the natural abundance and balance of earth is easily and normally experienced. It is time to truly own who we are and reclaim our inherent sovereignty. Our time is here. 

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