My journey to attain optimal health has been decades in the making. From puberty, I found it rare to ever feel truly well. I experienced depression and anxiety consistently and struggled with being exceptionally sensitive. In my 20s, I started noticing intermittent brain fog, lower energy, frequently needing to clear my throat, chronic yeast infections, and cystic acne. I was also on and off various types of meds for depression and anxiety for years. Though I found spiritual practice in my early 30s and stopped alcohol consumption, I was finding my energy levels even lower, aches all over and very disrupted sleep. Then came a Hashimoto's diagnosis.

Around this time, I found myself more drawn to and intrigued by natural lifestyles and remedies. Whether it was going to school for Natural Medicine, attending meditation retreats, a solo trip to India, working in natural foods stores, or gardening with Community Supported Agriculture - I gathered various resources and experiences to begin my own holistic healing journey. After several years on that path, I found myself in the midst of a full blown crisis (via a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening).

The stress my body endured from this crisis resulted in the peak of debilitating chronic illness - barely able to function physically or mentally. This complex, profound, and intense process initiated me into the healer I am today. It gave me the opportunity to get to the root of illness on all levels - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual - and heal in a way I never knew possible!  I began to open up and find that the Divine is within...all of us.

Along the way, I was guided and supported by various types of healer and teachers. The Medical Medium® was one of the most empowering pieces to my healing. MM gave me answers I wasn't finding elsewhere, along with renewed hope to push forward. It really was incredible. With the help of my exceptional mentor and teacher, my dedication to the Medical Medium lifestyle has helped me heal from: Nightly severe insomnia, Constant anxiety/panic, Extreme chronic fatigue, Continuous brain fog, Tightness and inflammation through out, Extreme chemical and food sensitivities, Racing/pounding heartbeat at rest, Dizziness, General malaise, Vibrating and tingling throughout body (mystery neurological issues), among many more symptoms.

I now feel energized, strong, clear-minded, empowered, filled with life - and my sleep is fantastic! Every step of my healing journey, I’ve known that I’d be aiding others on theirs. It’s my hope that the lessons I've learned can help prevent the suffering of others and support their deep healing. I offer help from a compassionate, understanding perspective. Drawing from the work of the Medical Medium, my own intuitive guidance, and the vast array of tools I've found upon my healing journey, I help individuals step into their own optimal health. Are you ready to join me and find the Divine within?