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What is a Kundalini Awakening?

From first hand experience, I can say that going through a Kundalini Awakening is one of those things that’s nearly impossible to put into words. Though, some of us still try. The intensity experienced is literally out of this world. It can bring some to their knees for an extended period of time – sometimes years like it did for myself. It can cause transcendental bliss but also horrific existential crises. The ego can all but completely dissolve. Simultaneously, wound after wound will surface to be acknowledged and worked through. This cannot be paused and returned to once someone feels more prepared.

It all happens on its own time. I found that it’s best to repeatedly surrender and ask for as much Grace as humanly possible to navigate it. Paranormal senses become activated and extreme neurosis and “psychosis” can start to emerge. The profundity and potency of this process is unfathomable to most. And though it can be quite the hellacious experience, many still seek to awaken it. Why?

Kundalini Awakening : Kundalini Energy Explain

Let’s start by answering: What is Kundalini? The term Kundalini is still widely unknown. Though, we are hearing it more during the transformational times we’re living in. Likely because more and more are seeking to connect to the Divine. There is greater pull for humans to reach higher states of consciousness than ever before. Though I wasn’t specifically seeking to awaken my Kundalini, I was on a quest to find what would heal me on all levels. Consequently, it was most certainly a catalyst for this!

By far, most who hear the term Kundalini associate it with yoga. And while it is a type of yoga, Kundalini itself is energy that Kundalini Yoga seeks to awaken and work with. The word Kundalini comes from the Hindu tradition. Kundalini is an energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine since birth. This energy has an intelligence of its own and awakens when ready. Though, many seek to activate it on their own as it leads to higher states of consciousness and sometimes self-actualization, or enlightenment. There is controversy as to whether this can be awakened too early or too quickly. I used to believe that it shouldn’t have happened the way that it did for me. I now believe that all happens in Divine time as it should.

The Coiled Serpent that is Kundalini

Kundalini is pure life force energy – the Divine Feminine creative force. It is referred to as a coiled serpent resting dormant at the base of the spine. Once awakened, she typically doesn’t fall back asleep. She seeks to rise through the body eventually making her way up and out through the crown of the head. During her rise, Kundalini works to clear away any past wounds or debris in her path. Essentially, the energy destroys that which is covering up one’s True Nature. Put simply, Kundalini Awakening is a profound, thorough purification process leading to higher states of consciousness and evolution. For me, it was without a doubt, the most phenomenal, potent process beyond anything I could have imagined.

A Kundalini Awakening can be catalyzed through various means. Spiritual practices, use of psychedelics, a traumatic event, childbirth and even transmission from another are all able to activate Kundalini given the right circumstances. My initiation via Kundalini began during an Ayahuasca ceremony in the Brazilian jungle. In the same way the activation event differs for everyone, so does the experience of the awakening process. For some it is a slower, more gradual process. For others it can be spontaneous and fast moving. The latter can lead to a spiritual crisis where one might often wish it never happened and plead with it to stop. This was my wish for a couple of years. While this is understandable, I now realize the importance of trusting the process and one’s own ability to navigate it. The integration process is temporary and the energy will usually eventually smooth out. Though, sometimes outside support is needed to help this happen.

Navigating a Kundalini Awakening

Self-empowerment and trusting oneself is essential during a Kundalini Awakening. Our areas of self doubt and destructive patterns become clearer than ever when going through this process. Kundalini Awakening is a deep initiation into the unseen realms – into one’s own connection to the Divine that lies within us all. Working through emotions and beliefs can help one experience a smoother integration. Grounding regularly throughout the day is also essential to support this process. I grounded various times from morning and through the night, as I did not sleep much at all for a couple years. Ultimately, whatever helps one soften into the experience is supremely helpful. I learned the hard way that resistance to the process can intensify and prolong the integration period.

There are often situations where the physical body is not stable enough to handle the intensity of the Kundalini energy. In these cases, it’s helpful to work with a practitioner who can help heal and release blocks. I worked with a Shaman weekly to help with the energetic side of things. It wasn’t until I worked on my physical health until things really began to stabilize. If one cleans up the physical body and clears the trapped emotions, a stronger foundation can be established. This helps the Kundalini energy to run smoother.

The most beneficial support to receive is through teaching so that one can become empowered. This encourages one to become his/her own healer rather than rely on someone else. Working with a practitioner can also bring greater understanding of what’s going on. Normalizing the experience can bring down any panic and ease the mind some. Frequently, intuitive practitioners can glean deeper insights into the activity and status of one’s energy bodies.

Humanity’s Evolution

Many believe that humanity is going through a profound evolutionary upgrade right now. For some, this is manifesting as a Kundalini Awakening. Perhaps some of us are being asked to step up to answer a calling – to manifest unprecedented sovereign power in our physical form. When embodying this energy, we can become more whole, live life more fully and purposefully, experience less conflict, feel awe with regularity, and love more deeply. It is a true gift – and something to have deep reverence for.

If you are someone you know is struggling with their own awakening experience of this nature, please visit the Kundalini Support Network. There you can find self care tools to help support one through this process. The Kundalini Support Network also offers a practitioner directory for those looking for 1-on-1 help.

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