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Top 5 Pitfalls on Medical Medium Diet and How to Avoid Them

The Medical Medium diet has become a way of life for thousands. Thankfully, we have this invaluable information to finally give us answers as to why we are sick and what we can do about it. The Medical Medium information empowers us to heal ourselves in a way we never thought possible. But sometimes, even if you have found this path, you might not be getting the results you were wanting. If you are finding yourself stuck, there are some things to consider that might be contributing to you not getting your desired results.

It’s my hope that if you’re having trouble living the Medical Medium lifestyle, you check out the possible causes below. Ultimately, this path can absolutely heal us. Sometimes we just need to make a couple small adjustments so that the body can do what it’s designed to do – fight for us and come back to homeostasis.

1. You’re aren’t helping your liver detox.

The liver is the unsung hero of the body. It carries out countless processes so that the rest of the body can function – so that we can survive. We need to help the liver detox! This is essential on this healing path. Unfortunately, the liver frequently continues to be bombarded by those who have the best of intentions. Taking too many supplements when the liver is still not functioning well, can add fuel to the fire. Yes, even if they are Medical Medium supplements. When we take supplements, the liver has to process them. If it’s barely able to get by as it is, then the supplements can cause further stress. When we pair down to some basic supplements like B12, zinc, Ester C, curcumin, and an antiviral or two, we are more likely to see results.

Another way the liver doesn’t get the break it needs is by continuing to eat too much fat. High fat diets have become so normal. So, even when we start eating healthier and cut back on fat, it can still be too much for the liver to handle. When the liver is having to create bile to break down the fats you’re eating, it’s not able to carry out detox processes – or other needed processes for that matter. Cutting back further on fat can really get things moving. Try eating ¼ of an avocado a day. Let that be the only (overt) fat consumed in a day for a period of time. We are really wanting to give the liver a break so it can detox for us! Check out The Liver Rescue to truly understand and appreciate the hard work your liver does for you.

2. You think you’re having flares when you’re actually detoxing.

Sometimes when we are healing it can feel like we are having a flare, but really, it’s detox. A flare is the result of increased pathogen activity – when they are feeding and continuing to thrive. Detox happens when we are killing the harmful pathogens off and we are cleansing out other toxins as well. When the toxins and pathogens are coming out of the body, it can feel similar to how it felt when they were coming in. So it’s easy to get confused by this.

When we are healing, we retrace the steps we took on the way to illness. It can feel like we are getting worse or not getting better if we are detoxing hard. If you are staying away from the “No Foods” and are really staying on track, chances are that it’s not a flare. If you are actually detoxing so fast that you feel it’s too much to handle, try slowing the detox down some with more cooked foods like steamed potatoes or bringing it bits of fat with small amounts of avocado.

3. You’re veering from the Medical Medium Diet.

Even if you’re doing a lot of things to help clean up the body, if you’re consuming foods that fuel the pathogens, it’s likely you won’t be getting the results you want. Try sticking with the Medical Medium foods, the veggies, greens, potatoes, juices, smoothies, and fruits galore! Slipping up from time to time is one thing, but if you’re still eating cheese or eggs every week, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Remember, we are looking to address the root cause so that we can heal. If we are continuing to fuel the very things that are causing illness, we are sabotaging our own progress.

4. You’re hitting the celery juice or other medicines too hard.

Maybe you’re one of those people drinking 32 ounces of celery juice every day. Or, you started drinking the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie with the full dose of ingredients right off the bat. These foods are powerful medicine and often that much is just too difficult for a body with a high toxic load. Another common problem is eating too much raw food too quickly. Yes, raw is fanatically healing, but it can be too much at first. Back off and ease up on yourself and your process and you’ll find this journey to be much more sustainable, giving you the results you’d hoped for.

I know what it’s like to want to charge forward and feel well already. Even though we are using foods as medicine, don’t let that fool you. They can still be super potent and hard hitting. This can lead to us detoxing way too fast – faster than the body can handle. As strange as it sounds, often, going slower can actually help us move faster. So if you’re feeling you’ve been feeling worse ever since you started following the Medical Medium diet, chances are you dove in too deep too fast. It’s ok to back off and start eating more cooked foods to slow down the detox.

5. You’re not giving the Medical Medium diet enough time to work.

I encourage clients to take their time making changes and integrating the Medical Medium diet and lifestyle But I also remind them that it can take time to see results, especially the first 1-3 months. During those really early days, we can show symptoms that were already in motion before starting Medical Medium. So, we end up thinking that what we are doing isn’t helping at all. Give the body time to adjust and keep moving along. Once you start to notice symptoms improving, you’ll gain more confidence in the process. The patience is so very worth it.

The Medical Medium diet absolutely works. I’m living proof as are countless individuals across the globe who are healing from conditions they were told would be life-long. When you understand what’s going on in the body and give it the tools it needs to do its job, illness can be reversed and we can find optimal health.

For those of you who might feel more personal guidance is needed, I’m available for 1-on-1 consultations. Feel free to book a complimentary session at

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