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Signs of Spiritual Awakening and How to Get thru

I am no stranger the signs of spiritual awakening. Over five years ago, I embarked on a journey I could never fathom. While on our honeymoon in the Brazilian Amazon, my husband and I participated in a life-changing Ayahuasca ceremony. At the time, I was seeking healing for an autoimmune condition – along with emotional baggage I had long been carrying. I ended up experiencing a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening. This is a particular flavor of a spiritual awakening which you can read about in another post of mine.

While I had gleaned many insights from the Ayahuasca ceremony and felt a very positive shift, the Kundalini activation eventually turned my life upside down. And that’s putting it mildly. I went into the ceremony with the intention to evolve, grow, heal and learn. Ultimately, this was definitely accomplished to a profound new level. I just had no clue how tumultuous, hellacious, and prolonged the journey there would be. My signs of spiritual awakening were numerous and constant – and almost unanimously extreme. Don’t worry though, spiritual awakenings are different for everyone! Chances are, your experience wouldn’t look much like mine. We each have our own unique wounds to heal and own lessons to learn. Which brings me to explaining what a spiritual awakening even is…

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Because of its very nature, spiritual awakening can be difficult to define. Ultimately, it’s a process one experiences to bring them closer to their True Nature, or the Divine. In doing so, they can literally wake up to the nature of their reality and themselves. Subsequently, they realize the oneness of everything. It is a deep experienced knowing after which nothing is ever the same again.

During a spiritual awakening, one removes major blocks that previously held them back from expressing their potential. This often includes healing ancestral and past life wounds. This transformation takes place on all levels – physically, emotionally, mentally and of course spiritually. Initially, the awakening process can seem like total destruction. In essence, it is everything that hinders the evolution of the being has the potential to be targeted and dismantled. I do not know why some of us go through a darker awakening process while others experience a much more gradual, serene one. Either way, it is usually eventually appreciated for the blessing that it is. 

Another way to describe spiritual awakening is a letting go of false beliefs about self and reality. Sounds pretty simple right? Paradoxically, the process is actually quite simple yet can feel quite complex. What we experience in life is a result of our filter of perception. When this filter falls away or drastically changes, it can feel anywhere from liberating to terrorizing. Consequently, we can be left in completely unfamiliar territory. Thinking “who is having these thoughts?” and realizing the who or what is much bigger than the little ol’ self. Essentially realizing that the One that is All is in control. Not the self.

All of that said, I do believe there are massive awakenings, smaller more brief awakenings, and gradual more sustained awakenings. At this point in time, most of us seem to be involved in at least this gradual – though intense at times – awakening. I am referring to the last several years as the Quickening has gotten…well….quicker! 2020 seems to be a year of mass initiation. No more playing small. It’s time to wake up!

What Causes Spiritual Awakening?

Various factors come into play when it comes to a catalyst for a spiritual awakening. In the grand scheme of things, the cosmic cycles can and do certainly influence us spiritually. 2020 is a pivotal time to be alive. It’s quite possible that we knew what we were entering into when we incarnated here. I believe many of us chose this transformational time to enter into this world as an opportunity to evolve like never before and to see our true potential. When we experience such drastic polarity like we have this year, we are able to see clearer. We can feel deeper and get honest with what it is that’s really important to us. There is less and less illusion, even in the theatrics of the world’s stage – or politics. As the veils lift, we can plainly see what’s been hidden in plain sight.

The Destruction of the Old Serves to Wake us up

What isn’t serving humanity is falling down and will eventually fall away. I am referring to both the outside structures as well as the internal ones. Our internal systems govern our perception and experience. It could be said that if you are on planet earth at this time, that you are already in the midst of a spiritual awakening. You see, planet earth herself is transforming. The frequency at which the earth vibrates (Schumman Resonance) is increasing. This actually entrains everyone on the planet. Meaning, we are naturally aligning with these higher vibrations simply from proximity. It’s unavoidable. The human body is being pushed to new heights from the energetics we are constantly being bathed in. As a result, we are pushed to expand and reach higher levels of consciousness. In other words, our wounds will come to the surface to be worked through.

So you see, what some view as an individual journey is actually one that involves every other being in this world. We are getting to see just how interconnected we all truly are. Despite your views on it, Covid 19 has shown us just how connected the entire globe really is. No man is an island. We are collectively experiencing a mass awakening. Some will fight it, some will be clueless it’s happening and some will thrive in the midst of it. Those who resist the shift are likely to struggle or fall away.

Potential Causes for Spiritual Awakening

Aside from this visceral collective current transformation we are all in the midst of, there are still some other things that can cause spiritual awakenings:

  1. Extended periods of meditation

  2. Communing with plant medicine/psychedelics/entheogens

  3. Regular breathwork and meditation

  4. Cleaning up your physical body using food as medicine

  5. Removing limiting/stressful beliefs

  6. A traumatic event

Though certain practices or events might lead to one, in essence, a spiritual awakening happens when it’s time for it to happen.

Spiritual Awakening Signs

There are innumerable signs of spiritual awakening. Side note, some people refer to these as ascension symptoms. Sometimes these changes can feel “positive” and other times they can feel uncomfortable. A lot of this is dependent on our perception on what’s going on. It also depends on how many blocks we have. Toxic debris can interfere with the new energies ability to flow freely throughout the system. In addition, when we have less resistance, the energy is able to go where it’s designed to and help clear out and, leading to expansion. This means we can experience new ways of being.

Examples of “Positive” Signs or Symptoms

  1. Feeling of unconditional love and peace

  2. Seeing and knowing the illusion of self and this reality

  3. Feeling serenity and deep gratitude in the seemingly mundane

  4. Knowing you are whole as you are

  5. Feeling more knowing that you are One with All

  6. Trusting that everything is ok no matter what

  7. Intuitive abilities increase

  8. Receiving downloads, or messages from the unseen realms

  9. Deep reverence and connection to nature

Alternatively, when we have blocks and/or resistance to the awakening energetics, we can feel various forms of discomfort. We can also feel discomfort when we are purging and clearing toxins. It doesn’t mean something is wrong. However, as soon as the mind labels it bad, it can cause the symptoms to increase. Stress causes the body to contract, making the energetic pathways even less accessible.

Examples of Other Signs or Symptoms

  1. Feeling the ego fall away, loss of self

  2. Waves of fatigue

  3. Heart palpitations

  4. Stomach and digestive upset

  5. Ringing in ears

  6. Aches and buzzing in various areas of the body – especially the feet

  7. Extra sensitive especially around others

  8. Sleep disturbances

  9. Head pressure and headaches

  10. Nausea

  11. Back and neck pain

  12. Depressive episodes seemingly out of nowhere

  13. Dizziness or subtle feeling of floating

  14. Zaps or shocks in the body

Many of the above “other” signs can actually be symptoms of chronic illness and/or awakening signs. There is often more at play than we realize. Thus, it’s important to emphasize that we are holistic beings. This means, the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual all affect each other. Because most humans on this planet have a great deal of toxicity in the physical body, they can have a weak physical foundation. This creations friction for the higher energies to flow through. As a result, we can get pushed over by the strong energetics more easily. For example, we might feel more easily anxious, heavy and fatigued, or have a lot of nervous system activity if high levels of toxic accumulation are present. Health symptoms we already had can become more intense as well.

That said, if we have trapped emotions or hold limited beliefs, this can also hinder our awakening process. Our entire being works in conjunction with itself. The spiritual cannot be separated out from the physical, mental and emotional. Just as we cannot be separated from everyone else.

How long does a spiritual awakening last?

The duration of a spiritual awakening varies tremendously from person to person. Some are quick events that come and go having changed us in a flash. These can be brief, yet somehow shift the course of life, bringing us up to a new level of being. Alternatively, others’ spiritual awakenings last much longer. For me, it took several years to really integrate the Kundalini energy. In these longer journeys, a potent death and rebirth process unravels over an extended period of time. I also mentioned that I believe many of us are in the midst of this collective awakening process. I don’t know that this process will “end” while we are incarnated here on earth. Especially given the prophetic nature of these times.

That said, it doesn’t need to be this intense and overly dramatic ride. As mentioned above, the state of the overall body, mind and spirit has a large impact on how awakening energetics are expressed. The process can be prolonged when there are numerous blocks, be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Working to clean up the physical body by living a detox lifestyle can greatly support a less “disruptive” awakening. As the old layers are shed we are more in alignment with Source and our true selves, we will find the ride is smoother. It sounds weird to call any of it disruptive. The way out is always through. Nothing is in the way, it is the way.

Essential Tips to Navigate a Spiritual Awakening

  1. Support the nervous system

  2. Ground the energy throughout the day

  3. Honor the body for the sacred vessel that it is and treat it well

  4. Clear your energy regularly

  5. Be cautious of what you expose yourself to – media, people, food, energetics, etc

  6. Hydrate plenty with living water

  7. Learn to trust yourself and your intuition

  8. Surrender over and over to The Divine/Source/God/The Universe

  9. Nourish your body with cleansing, healing foods

  10. Rest when you need to

  11. Ask for help from angels and guides

  12. Listen to your body

  13. Use the Emotion Code to release trapped emotions

  14. Use The Work to collapse stressful beliefs

If you are having difficulty with your spiritual awakening signs or know someone who is, I am available for 1-on-1 sessions to guide others on their journey. I also offer a practitioner directory on my site, Kundalini Support Network, along with self-care tools. Just remember, that you are not alone. We are all in the midst of incredible metamorphosis. As we each wake up, we encourage those around us to do the same. There is beauty in all of it. So try to stay humble and ask for grace to guide you through your days. This human experience is awe-filled when we are tapped in and turned on to what we truly are. Blessings on wherever your journey may take you.

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