How to Ground for Anxiety and Well-being

Grounding is one of those words that many of us hadn’t heard of prior to the last several years – not unless we heard an electrician speaking about his work. Grounding the energy in the body is actually much like the grounding that takes place in an electrical circuit in a building. You see, we are electrical beings. We have an entire energy system running through us, and grounding it actually helps it all run smoother. Subsequently, we can ground for anxiety. Though, thankfully, you don’t need to be on the earth to ground. We can have an energetic connection to the earth when we’re indoors – even on the 30th floor of a high rise.

Our connection to the Earth is something that many of us have lost touch with. Whether it’s being in tune and in sync with the natural cycles of her or feeling the literal connection to it throughout our daily lives. The earth is a presence that has been there our entire lives. She offers continual life – without her, we wouldn’t be here. Her nourishing stability is ever-present, yet we easily forget or take her granted. Bringing a regular grounding practice is a wonderful way to reconnect to her and bring reassurance that we are always supported. I started grounding as a way to cope and get by from moment to moment and day to day after experiencing an intense spiritual crisis 5 years ago. I would ground for m