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How to Ground for Anxiety and Well-being

Grounding is one of those words that many of us hadn’t heard of prior to the last several years – not unless we heard an electrician speaking about his work. Grounding the energy in the body is actually much like the grounding that takes place in an electrical circuit in a building. You see, we are electrical beings. We have an entire energy system running through us, and grounding it actually helps it all run smoother. Subsequently, we can ground for anxiety. Though, thankfully, you don’t need to be on the earth to ground. We can have an energetic connection to the earth when we’re indoors – even on the 30th floor of a high rise.

Our connection to the Earth is something that many of us have lost touch with. Whether it’s being in tune and in sync with the natural cycles of her or feeling the literal connection to it throughout our daily lives. The earth is a presence that has been there our entire lives. She offers continual life – without her, we wouldn’t be here. Her nourishing stability is ever-present, yet we easily forget or take her granted. Bringing a regular grounding practice is a wonderful way to reconnect to her and bring reassurance that we are always supported. I started grounding as a way to cope and get by from moment to moment and day to day after experiencing an intense spiritual crisis 5 years ago. I would ground for my anxiety throughout the day. From lying directly on the earth to doing breathing exercises growing energetic roots into the earth. I even remember being guided to tune into my feet on the ground while sitting my trauma specialist’s office. Today, I am strong and healed, but still practice a daily morning grounding meditation. This helps me have greater capacity to deal with whatever is going on in the world, as well as any major changes I’m going through. Because, let’s face it, we are ALL going through major changes right now, and that’s ok!

Ground for Anxiety During Transformational Times

It’s become quite clear that we are living in unprecedented times. We are all a part of an exceptionally transformational time – in which we are being bathed in intense cosmic energies regularly. This is something that we are all affected by, yet very few are able to recognize when what they’re feeling is actually from these energies. When we use a tool like grounding, we are able to bring more capacity and stability to our system. So, if we are experiencing things like fatigue, anxiety, aches, head pressure, buzzing, heart palpitations or other “awakening symptoms”, they can ease up from practicing grounding techniques. These new energies need to be able to integrate and flow through us. This becomes easier when we are grounded. The human system is able to find balance through the energies of the earth.

Another aspect of this is that the Earth herself is going through a transformation of her own. She too, is being changed by these cosmic waves. So, as a being on her, we are often feeling her changes along with the energetics from the cosmos. Think of it as a sort of entrainment process. Eventually, we will we align with her frequency. As she evolves and expands, so do we, or at least that is what we are being pushed to do at this time.

Physical & Mental Benefits of Grounding

In addition to the obvious energetic aspect to grounding, it is deeply supportive of mental and physical health as well. This can become clear if you ever taken the time to lay on earth when you’re experiencing anxiety. After a few minutes pass, a certain calmness can begin to wash over the body. Of course, this is just one way to ground. But there is without a doubt a particular effect that this has on us on all levels. The mind can begin to slow down and become more present. Grounding helps to calm the nervous system. Because of this, it can prove invaluable to healing trauma.

Benefits of Grounding

  1. Helps calm the nervous system, good for anxiety

  2. Helps improve sleep

  3. Stabilizes the body when experiencing trauma

  4. Helps integrate cosmic energetics

  5. Holistically strengthens the human system

4 Techniques to Ground for Anxiety

  1. Tree exercise One of the most common and effective ways to ground for anxiety is the tree practice. There are various ways to do this and it’s really hard to get it wrong. Begin by imaging yourself as a huge tree. Your trunk is massive, and your root ball takes up the entire inside of the earth if you taproot reaching the core. Take a deep breath in filling up your lungs. As you breathe out, grow your roots deep down into the earth. You can even imagine yourself releasing any heaviness or toxins into the Earth as you grow your roots. When you breathe in again, breathe in the nourishing energy from the Earth, and let it come up through your entire body and out into the heavens. As you do this imagine your canopy of branches extending into the sky and beyond wrapping around the earth. When you breathe in again, breathe in that heavenly energy down and through back down to the Earth. You can do this for as long as feels right for you.

  2. Soaking your body or feet If you have access to a clean river, stream, lake or ocean, submerge your body – making sure to stay safe. The energy of the water also helps to ground our energy. Sometimes, this is just the right thing and you’ll feel it as soon as you enter the water. One of my favorite things is going for a dip in the nearby ocean. It can feel like pure bliss – that’s when I know I needed it most. Another alternative to this is soaking in an epsom salt bath. Try adding about 2 cups of (unscented) epsom salts. Feel free to add some lavender essential oils.

  3. Spend time in nature Sometimes simply spending time in nature, especially around trees can work wonders. Because the trees themselves have those roots going down into the earth and the canopies reaching up into the sky, it can automatically start to have the grounding affect on our system. Try sitting or standing with your back against a tree.

  4. Eat grounding foods Root vegetables are grounding foods. But, potatoes in particular are really wonderful in bringing in calm and stability to the system. Try baked or steamed. Avoid adding dairy or other fats unless it’s a little avocado.

Visit here for more grounding suggestions.

Whether you’re someone who suffers from anxiety or you’re someone who’s feeling quite overwhelmed these days from the all-around intensity, grounding can be a powerful tool to bring into your daily life.

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