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Causes of Insomnia and How to Remedy It

Insomnia is something I became intimately familiar with over the period of several years. And we aren’t just talking, waking frequently, or having trouble falling asleep. We are talking…Could. Not. Sleep. If I did start to slip into that sleep brain state, it would be very light sleep – oftentimes still being half conscious. After 20 minutes or so, I would be fully conscious again. It was maddening and crazy making. Quite literally. At one point, I walked outside and screamed at the top of my lungs up to the heavens out of total frustration and despair. The cops ended up on our doorstep shortly after due to a concerned neighbor’s call. I was clueless as to what the causes of insomnia were for me at the time, and I would have done anything to remedy it.

I sought out every possible insomnia tool and tried just about all of it. The only thing that “helped” me get some amount of ok-ish sleep was a benzodiazepine, Klonopin. I knew that this wasn’t a long term answer. I certainly did not want to stay on such an addictive drug for long. Hence, this method only lasted for a few weeks. I also tried acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine herbs, Biofeedback, baths, essential oils, reading before bed, improving sleep hygiene, sleep music, sleep hypnosis, exercising more, a weighted blanket, a grounding sheet, a whole slew of natural supplements including homeopathics, Reiki, and I’m quite sure there’s more I’m not able to recall. That said, my definition of insomnia is precisely not being able to sleep. While some of the mentioned methods are absolutely supportive of helping get better sleep, for me, at the time, they weren’t nearly enough.

What Causes Insomnia : Getting to the Root

It wasn’t until I addressed my underlying physical illness that I was able to find relief from insomnia. It was very clear that my health wasn’t in a good state. Insomnia was but one of my intense symptoms at the time. I knew that addressing my health problems was a major piece to getting sleep back again. Though, I must admit – with this going on for years, I wasn’t sure I’d ever again know that feeling of total relaxation upon waking from a good night’s sleep. When I finally did get answers and solutions to my health, it was clear that not only was my health improving, but my sleep was as well. 

Bit by bit, my ability to fall asleep and stay asleep got better. So what did I do to shift things? Well, it was a deep dive into healing my entire system. To sum it up, I started cleaning up toxic accumulation in the body. I started detoxing. But not just any old detox, because there are so many out there that aren’t legit and can cause more issues than they solve. I adopted the Medical Medium lifestyle. This way of healing and being is all about using foods as medicine. It’s all about focusing on the foods that help to get rid of troublemakers and cleanse us – safely and effectively. That means, I replaced the foods that fueled the bad guys and caused further toxicity. There were other pieces as well around supplements. Some of the key supplements I brought into my life were ionic zinc, B12, curcumin, Ester C, and lemon balm. 

Insomnia Causes

So what is the cure for insomnia? Well, just like any other condition we experience, addressing the root cause is key. We can take supplements – or even prescription drugs if we choose. But, until we address what’s underneath it all, we will continue to struggle Before I get caught up in giving short-term solutions, I want to get clearer about what causes insomnia the majority of the time. It’s often not just one thing, but several.

  1. An overburdened, taxed liver – usually from too much toxicity and/or high-fat diet

  2. Adrenal fatigue – erratic adrenals pump out adrenaline, causing us to be energized or awake

  3. Viruses and bacteria – some pathogens create neurotoxins that keep us awake at night

  4. Toxic heavy metals in the brain 

  5. Digestive tract issues – sensitive nerves in this area affect the whole nervous system

  6. Intense energetic shifts in your body and on the planet

  7. EMF (electromagnetic frequency) disturbances

  8. Emotional upset or upheaval

Yes, sometimes the situation causing the insomnia is circumstantial, like going through a trauma. Or, losing someone close to you. Even in these situations, there are likely other factors like listed above that can contribute. Thankfully, there are also many steps we can take to address the problems. We can clean up the liver and get it functioning better. Adrenal fatigue can be healed getting the adrenals replenished with the right foods. We can eliminate harmful pathogens that cause toxicity. Toxic heavy metals can be detoxed from our bodies. And we can heal digestive issues. When done the right way, all of these things end up being addressed in tandem – all together. This does take time, but along the way, you can see your sleep improve along the way. 

Other Insomnia Causes

If I’m going to speak to causes of insomnia, I would be remiss if I didn’t address the energetic side of things. With 2020 being as intense as it is now, it’s very clear that many of us are experiencing huge spiritual upgrades. The planet is being bathed in intense energetics, which is ultimately beneficial in our evolution. But, these energetics have a way of interfering with sleep. They can be stimulating, especially at night and particularly for those who are more sensitive. That said, if your physical body isn’t in a solid state, these energetics are more likely to cause sleep disruptions for you. As mentioned at the beginning, I am familiar with this sort of thing as a cause for sleep problems. However, no matter what the cause, healing the physical body with the suggestions below will only serve you and getting your sleep back.

Lastly, as energetic beings, we are affected by devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies. Specifically, smart meters, WiFi, and cellphones can also interfere with our sleep, especially if our physical body is already in a weakened state. We have an electromagnetic field that surrounds us. This field is absolutely affected by electromagnetic frequencies that smart meters, WiFi, and cellphones emit. I highly suggest refraining from exposure to these devices as much as possible. Sleep far from your WiFI router. Better yet, shut if off at night. Put your cell phone outside of your room at night or at least put it on airplane mode. Lastly, check to see if you have a smart meter. These devices are notorious for causing nervous system disruption. If you have a smart meter anywhere near your bedroom, you can call the power company and opt out of it, or at least put a shield over it.

Tips on Insomnia

If you truly want to get to the root and resolve your insomnia issue once and for all, I suggest making changes to improve your overall health. Take your time though bringing in changes. You want it to be sustainable. All of these suggestions can have tremendous long-term positive impact on your health AND your sleep! For more tips on improving your overall health. Check out this post.

  1. Stay away from foods that fuel pathogens – starting with eggs, dairy and gluten. I suggest removing one at time over several months.

  2. Try eating every 1 ½ -2 hours – especially fruits to give the adrenals and liver the glucose they need. Check out adrenal snacks for an added bonus.

  3. Reduce fat intake substantially.The liver get overburdened by fat and a sluggish liver can keep us up.

  4. Start drinking the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie regularly. This will help remove toxic heavy metals which are often a culprit, but it also supports liver and adrenal health.

  5. Hydrate thoroughly throughout the day with living water. Drink lemon water first thing in the morning to help cleanse the liver. 

  6. Start practicing grounding regularly. Grounding has the ability to calm and help your nervous system stabilize and heal. It also helps integrate new energy upgrades.

Insomnia Solutions

For now, below are some suggestions you can try for faster, short term results. Try to tune into your intuition and sense which ones would benefit you most at this time.

  1. Eat bananas or mango before bed. Filling up your tank helps prevent the liver from waking you up and these fruits are particularly helpful for sleep.

  2. Take an epsom salt bath before bed. This helps your physical body relax and cleanse but it also helps cleanse your energy field and ground your energy.

  3. Drink lemon balm tea, or take the alcohol-free tincture if you wake up and have trouble falling back asleep.

  4. Take GABA (even with the lemon balm)

  5. Sleep in small chunks during the day if you’re unable to sleep at night

  6. Make sure your cellphone and wifi are off or are nowhere near your bed. Also, check for smartmeters and shield them if need be.

  7. Sleep or rest between 10pm-2am or 10am-2pm for extra rejuvenation. Even if you’re just resting with your eyes closed, your body will be restored more deeply during these hours.

  8. Stop consuming caffeine. We know the obvious affects caffeine has in keeping us awake, yet many still consume it. It also taxes your adrenals, which, as mentioned come into play with many cases of insomnia.

  9. Relax before bed. Turn off your devices, turn down the lights, and remove stressful stimuli. This helps makes sure your adrenals aren’t pumping out adrenaline before bedtime.

Take Steps and Be Patient

Just like with any other symptoms you’re experiencing, it doesn’t usually go away overnight. But if you make some changes to your daily routines and do some of the suggestions I made to start detoxing, you will see an improvement over time. Knowing just how unthinkably difficult my insomnia was 4 years ago, it feels miraculous that I now sleep great overall. There is the occasional night when sleep is a bit off – but I can sense when it’s related to the intense cosmic energies. We are living in potent times, and that means sometimes our sleep will be disrupted. If you want it to truly improve, the root cause needs addressed. Clean up the body and get your sleep back. If you are interested in guidance on your healing journey, please check out my site to learn more about working with me.

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