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Energy Healing for Pets

The Emotion Code and The Body Code aren't just for humans. It can have incredible effects on animals as well. I have found it to be particularly beneficial for animals with trauma and anxiety. The benefits of energy healing are often quick to show after a couple sessions with animals. They don't have beliefs or minds to get in the way of their healing making it much easier to see results.


It's really up to you whether you feel more drawn to Emotion Cod or Body Code for your pet. The Body Code is more comprehensive in what it's able to find and address. But, I've also see incredible results using just Emotion Code.


I suggest everyone client (even animals) has at least 3 EC or BC sessions to give them a chance to make a really noticeable shift. Because of this, you might choose one of my packages. Or, you might just need email sessions since your animal and I won't be able to talk on the phone ;)

If finances are weighing you down, I offer donation-based Emotion Code & Body Code email sessions.

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