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Releasing Stress & Trauma Program

If you're a middle aged woman looking for more peace and balance in your life and in your body, this program might just be perfect for you! 

This 5 week program takes a comprehensive approach to help you get the results and solutions you’re looking for, and to empower you to continue to benefit even more over time. It includes…


  • 5  Energy Healing sessions with me

    • In these 1-on-1 sessions, we’ll use energy healing to clear your subconscious blocks, limiting beliefs, and emotional baggage so you can feel more peace and balance and less overwhelm in your life and in your body

  • A custom vocal sound healing track

    • This custom healing track will be specifically tailored and recorded for you based upon where you are at and what will help support you to release energies holding you back as well as provide nourishment and healing.

  • A grounding meditation track

    • This guided meditation allows you to shift easily away from stressful thoughts and feelings while teaching you how to do this for yourself at any time.

  • A copy of The Self Care Oracle Deck

    • This is my recently self-published oracle deck. It's packed with practical and powerful exercises that will help you to give yourself the time and attention you are in need of. This tool helps empower you to tune in to what it is you are needing.

  • Supplement and food testing

    • I will intuitively test to see which supplements and food will be most beneficial in supporting your system to be calm and relaxed so that it can do the healing it knows how to do.


By doing this program together, rather than only doing the sessions with me, you’re empowered and supported in so many ways. It gives you simple, effective, and truly powerful tools you can use at any time. It’s the perfect combination of the power of energy healing, self empowerment, and personal development. You will continue to benefit from this investment for years to come.



All of the included services are normally a combined price of $570, but with this program you pay $497!

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