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Emotion Code Sessions

Releasing trapped emotions allows us to help resolve issues physically, mentally, spiritually, and of course, emotionally. Emotion Code can help find relief from PTSD, relationship issues, anxiety, physical symptoms including pain, and much more.


As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, I offer a gentle way to let go of emotional baggage. Through this simple, yet effective technique, I help your system release trapped emotions one at at time. This process continues until the body has done enough for the day or until there are no more contributing to the issue at hand.


I suggest everyone completes at least 3 EC sessions to give themselves a chance to make a really noticeable shift in the area they're wanting help with - so a 3 session package or more might be your best bet! 

Are you ready to check that emotional baggage that’s been weighing you down?! Find the option best for you below and book online now!

If finances are weighing you down, I offer sliding scale Emotion Code email sessions (see below).


Emotion Code Phone Sessions

Emotion Code phone sessions are 30-40 minutes long (that's all we need!). I'm able to answer any questions as they arise during the session. Purchase an Emotion Code package and pay less per phone session!

Emotion Code Package Deals

EC Email Session

Emotion Code Email Sessions

If you prefer to communicate through email or are struggling financially, an email session might be a great option for you. My Emotion Code email sessions are sliding scale and are completed within 3 business days (M-F).


When booking, please provide me with information about what you are wanting help with. After you book and send a donation, I will work on you and email you the results of the session.


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