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The Hidden Dangers of EMF : Beginners Guide to EMF Protection

EMF has become a more common search term as our world becomes inundated by these invisible waves of energy. While it might not feel very reassuring to think about, it can be quite valuable to understand the hidden dangers of EMF. EMF is literally hidden since it is actually unseen. But this shouldn’t fool us into thinking what we can’t see can’t hurt us.

Humans are electrical beings. We have electrical circuits and impulses throughout our brain and nervous system and in each and every cell of the body. It makes logical sense that outside electrical sources could impact and potentially harm us.

What is EMF

EMF is an acronym that stands for electro magnetic frequency. It is invisible energy waves, or radiation, that emanates out from many things in our lives, both natural and manmade. The human heart even creates its own electromagnetic field. Every living thing generates, resonates and responds to EMF, including the earth.

Just like with sound, there are frequencies that can be helpful and pleasing to the human system and those that can be damaging. All electronic devices and electrical circuits emit EMF. Power lines, WiFi, smart meters, household appliances, cell phones and cell phone towers, and xray machines are just some examples of sources of EMF that can be damaging.

EMF Dangers

Few studies have been funded to research the effects of EMF on human and animal life. In 1990, the FDA released a report stating that EMFs were a probable carcinogen. They later retracted while still acknowledging a potential causal link between conditions like childhood leukemia and EMF exposure. Various publications in the 90’s questioned the safety of long-term continual exposure to man-made EMFs. After the use of devices became increasingly in demand and popularized, the pushback against EMFs died down. 

With everyday use of laptops, tablets, and cellphones only recently becoming so normal, it’s difficult to understand the ramifications of being regularly immersed in these frequencies. But, it seems EMF exposure can create both short-term and long-term effects. Maybe in 10 more years, after more long-term exposure, more studies can be conducted to prove what many are already experiencing. In the mean time, we don’t need to wait for research and science communities to catch up.

There have been numerous experiences and unofficial accounts of the dangers around the world. Reports suggest that EMFs can:

  1. Disrupt sleep patterns and cause insomnia

  2. Impede fertility in men and women

  3. Interfere with fetal development

  4. Create oxidative stress

  5. Interfere with the heart and body’s electrical system

  6. Dehydrate the cells in the body

  7. Negatively impact the immune, endocrine, and nervous systems

  8. Cause developmental and biological impairments

  9. Disrupt electrical impulses in the brain

  10. Cause cell damage and mutation

  11. Speeds up the aging process

Electromagnetic Sensitivity

More and more people are becoming afflicted with electromagnetic sensitivity as the use of electronic and “smart” wireless devices skyrockets. Dealing with this condition can make it difficult to leave the house or to feel safe in your environment. When you are so obviously impacted by EMFs, it can even cause a sort of neurosis because the source of the issue is unseen and can be anywhere. I can totally relate because I used to suffer from this.

Though, EMFs clearly cause some people to experience the symptoms below, the EMFs are only a piece of the puzzle. For most people who have electromagnetic sensitivity, there are also underlying conditions in the body. High toxicity in the body can cause someone to already be significantly weakened. This is especially the case when the nervous system is already suffering from inflamed nerves from an abundance of heavy metals, neurotoxins, and pathogen byproduct. Physical toxins will do this, and EMFs completely exacerbate an already difficult situation.

You might even find that you also have a mold allergy. Today’s mold actually thrives off EMFs so it’s able to grow and be stronger than ever before. Though, in truth, just like with EMFs, high toxicity in the body is what can cause someone to react so strongly to mold. The mold is simply a trigger.

The best course of action is to clean up your physical body so that you have a move solid foundation. Check out this post about using the Medical Medium info to heal or this post about the benefits of detox.

EMF Symptoms

  1. Sleep disturbances, including insomnia

  2. Headaches

  3. Depression

  4. Tiredness and fatigue

  5. Intense itchiness that moves around

  6. Difficulty concentrating

  7. Memory problems

  8. Dizziness

  9. Irritability & restlessness

  10. Loss of appetite

  11. Anxiety

  12. Nausea

  13. Skin burning and/or tingling

EMF Protection Tips

EMF exposure decreases as you get further and further from the source. When you are not able to completely remove a source from your environment, you can shield yourself or create more space between you and it. Below are some ways to protect you and your family.

  1. Reduce WiFi use at home. Turn off your router at night or at least keep it far from bed.

  2. Use a powerline device instead of WiFi. We’ve been using this with success for the last 6 years. Gives us such peace of mind.

  3. Limit cell phone exposure. Keep your smartphone away from you when not using. Put it on airplane mode when not in use. Use the speaker to make calls rather than putting up to your head. Do not store phone in your pocket when you’re out. Keep away from bed when sleeping – ideally outside of room or on airplane mode. You can also get EMF shields for phones that help some.

  4. Use a flip phone. Replace your smartphone with a flip phone. These emit MUCH less radiation and you won’t get sucked into social media on it, so much less time exposed.

  5. Using aluminum mesh screen. If you live near a cell phone tower, place aluminum window screen over the windows that face it. It makes a dramatic difference in reducing EMF levels. I did this in my last home and it made a huge difference that was confirmed through our Trifield meter.

  6. Opt out of your Smart Meter or use a shield. Check to see if you have a smart meter. Just because it’s digital doesn’t mean it’s a smart meter. If the face of your smart electric meter has blue on it, it’s likely a smart meter. You can call the power company to check. The best option if you have one is to opt out and ask them for an older model that needs to be read by a worker every month. If you don’t have this option, you can place a simple shield over it. I have done this myself while waiting for it to be swapped out. It’s legit.

  7. Use orgonite. Not all orgonite is created equal. Orgone Sisters make great, affordable pieces.

  8. Wear a shielding device. Pendants are available at Qlink. You can also wear small orgonite pendants from the above link.

  9. Use shields around electronics. Check out Safesleeve.

  10. Limit use of wireless devices. This includes bluetooth devices.

  11. Don’t spend much time near high EMF sources. Household appliances and power lines.

  12. Opt out of the airport security scanners. Simply notify the TSA agents that you are opting out and one of the agents will give you a pat down instead. Make sure to allow for a little extra time.

  13. Hydrate plenty with living water. Remember, EMFs contribute to dehydration.

  14. Ground daily. Grounding your energy strengthens your energy field and makes you less susceptible to outside influences.

I realize that when we stop to think about the innumerable ways we are now exposed to the dangers of EMFs, it can feel completely overwhelming. I do my best to make my home a sanctuary. We use powerlines instead of WiFi. I use a flip phone instead of a smartphone. Orgonite pieces are placed in our home to shield us. Our smart meter was replaced with an old school meter. We are careful to not move close to cellphone towers or power stations.

We control what we are able to and let go of the rest. One of the things we can control is how we nourish our bodies. The body being clean and in optimal health is the first line of protection from just about anything. If you’re interested in guidance with addressing your electromagnetic sensitivity, please reach out. Blessings!

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