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The Healing Benefits of Detox and Tips on How to

Words like detox and cleanse have been trending more than ever before. With autoimmune conditions and other chronic illnesses on the rise, it’s no surprise that more and more people are seeking the benefits of detox. Something is inherently telling them that toxins are contributing to their ill health. Yet, most people aren’t really sure what they might get out of it. So what are the benefits of detox? And what is detox really?

Let’s start with what detox actually is. It’s the process in which the body eliminates toxins from it. Toxins that accumulate in the body range from toxic heavy metals to pesticides and pharmaceuticals or even byproduct from pathogens living inside of us. These toxins (and more) can accumulate in the liver and other organs and glands, including the brain. Particular toxins have particular effects and often feed harmful viruses and bacteria. Symptoms we might experience depends on where the toxins have settled in the body. As well as, what other toxins and pathogens are also present. We all have various combinations and this is why we all have different mystery symptoms we’re looking to resolve.

The Connection Between Detox and Healing

It is clear that people are beginning to see the correlation between toxicity and illness. And this is great as it’s gotten them starting to address the root cause of illness. However, detoxing is a process that takes quite a bit of time to be really effective and thorough. While it is possible to begin detoxing and make some great shifts with something like the Medical Medium 3-6-9 Cleanse (a 9 day cleanse) – it only begins to scratch the surface. In order for us to detox on a deep level, it honestly needs to become a way of life for a period of time. There are no quick fixes. You see, it took decades and decades for us to accumulate these toxins. So, eliminating them all in a short term cleanse is highly unlikely. However, given the right tools, we can often clean most of the toxins up within a couple of years.

Another issue with most diets is that they do not actually detox. Most detox diets or even supplements end up putting more stress on the body, especially the liver. This is so very unfortunate because the liver is essentially the unsung hero of the body. It’s the one most responsible for the detoxification process. When it is overburdened, toxicity in the entire body increases. And this leads to more symptoms and more illness. In order for the liver to actually be able to detox, it needs breaks from the stressors. It also needs to be supplied foods that will fuel it – foods with plenty of healthy glucose like fruits, starchy veggies and raw honey. And don’t forget plenty of living water to help the liver cleanse and purge. Believe it or not, a stressed liver on its own can lead to poor health. So looking after the liver is really the key when it comes to detoxing.

The Benefits of Detox are Endless

So what sort of benefits are we looking at when we detox? Well, it’s endless. Detoxing helps make it so the body can break down and process nutrients more easily – helping the body to function more smoothly. You can also experience a stronger immune system, better moods, clearer skin, more energy, and much more. What we are talking about here can potentially reverse conditions of all kinds. Ultimately, detoxing can help turn around problems like brain fog, depression, anxiety, fatigue, vertigo, migraines, Hashimotos, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, gout, diabetes, acne, UTIs, chemical sensitivities, food sensitivities, neurological issues and much much more. Bringing the liver back to life can reverse chronic illness, including autoimmune diseases. It can even reverse and slow down aging and help us live longer!

We each have our own unique blends of toxins of which we‘ve had for varying lengths of time. This means that we all experience different things when we detox. For some, they might feel some immediate results. For others, it could take months to see changes. No matter what your situation, starting to detox the system can work wonders and only lead to better health – when done the right way!

I realize that this might sound far fetched because modern science and research has yet to figure out the cause of the symptoms and conditions mentioned above. But I myself have been living the detox lifestyle for 3 years now and I have healed Hashimoto Thyroiditis and other debilitating chronic illnesses as a result. I am in the best health of my life at 39. I’m living with more vitality, clarity, energy and stability than ever before.

Basic Detox Tips

  1. Drink 32 ounces of lemon, honey, ginger water first thing every morning. ½” – 1” of grated or sliced ginger in 32 oz of water, 1-3 tbsp raw honey, juice of up to 1 lemon (let ginger sit in water for at least 15 minutes before drinking)

  2. Don’t be afraid to eat fruit. It’s some of the most healing and cleansing food on the planet. The nutrients and glucose in fruit are so essential to your entire body.

  3. Reduce your fat (and protein) intake as the liver cannot detox and help to break down fats at the same time.

  4. Start removing foods like dairy, eggs and gluten step by step.

  5. Clear out chemicals and synthetic fragrances from your home as these are another cause of toxic accumulation and directly impact your liver.

  6. Drink plenty of living water. Most water isn’t living, add some lemon, berries or a slice of cucumber to activate it and make it much more hydrating.

  7. Keep your stress levels low. Excessive adrenaline can be damaging to the liver.

  8. Eat a healthy snack every 1 ½- hours to fuel your liver and adrenals.

It is my hope that you feel inspired to take some of these steps so that you can experience the benefits of detox for yourself. If you are truly interested in beginning to detox your body, I suggest starting with either the Medical Medium 28 day Cleanse or the Morning Cleanse. The Medical Medium book Cleanse to Heal is an exceptional resource on the matter. If you feel ready to embark on your detox journey and aren’t sure where to begin and would like guidance, feel free to book a complimentary call at

Check out my heavy metal detox smoothie post for specifics on detoxing toxic heavy metals!

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