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The Amazing Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

You might wonder how making a heavy metal detox smoothie part of your routine could benefit you. Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to avoid exposure to toxic heavy metals in today’s world. They are virtually everywhere. As a result, we come into contact with them daily in innumerable ways. Why is this a problem? Unfortunately, heavy metals easily wreak all kinds of havoc throughout the body. If you are someone suffering from chronic illness or mystery neurological symptoms, it is essential to work on eliminating them in your body.

Detoxing Heavy Metals from the Past

For centuries, humans have used heavy metals in various forms for many things. For example, our ancestors were exposed by ingesting pure mercury directly through “medicinal” elixirs. This was commonly given for all sorts of ailments in the 17 and 1800s century. As a result, this literal poison often led to immediate, irreversible psychosis and even death. Another example of common toxic heavy metal use is the application of arsenic on plants in the 1800 as a form of pesticide. As a result, arsenic was ingested when that vegetable or fruit from those plants was eaten. There are so many things humans used to do that we would never do now. Or would we? Most conventional pesticides used still today actually still contain high amounts of heavy metals.

So, why does it even matter what crazy stuff our ancestors put into their bodies anyway? Because we actually inherit toxins! All kinds get passed down to us in the womb so we don’t get to start out with a clean slate like we often think. The worst part is, as heavy metals like mercury get passed down, they actually strengthen in their harmful effects. Believe it or not, we end up detoxing metals that are hundreds of years old!

Modern Day Sources of Heavy Metals

We might not live like our ancestors, yet, there are still so many heavy metals we are exposed to on a daily basis. Mercury, for example, is the most damaging of the heavy metals. Undeniably, they’re in the air we breathe (it falls out of the sky), it’s on our food, in our water, in amalgam (silver) fillings, vaccines, and more. When you break a conventional light bulb, you are exposed to mercury vapors which are very toxic to inhale. In addition, mercury is also commonly used in pesticides that treat the surroundings of residential buildings like apartment buildings. It’s nearly impossible to avoid some amount of it. Though, thankfully there are some measures we can take to limit our exposure to mercury and other heavy metals.

Tips to Limit Heavy Metal Toxicity

  1. Filter your drinking water with a Berkey filter

  2. Filter your shower water with a Berkey shower filter

  3. Avoid amalgam filling – get composite fillings instead

  4. Don’t use aluminum foil in your kitchen

  5. Refrain from drinking out of aluminum cans

  6. Use glass or ceramic containers for drinking from and cooking with

  7. Buy organic produce – and still wash it thoroughly

List of Heavy Metals

This list gives you an idea of the troublemakers we’re concerned about.

  1. Mercury

  2. Aluminum

  3. Copper

  4. Cadmium

  5. Lead

  6. Arsenic

  7. Nickel

  8. Chrome

  9. Alloy

  10. Steel

Why are Toxic Heavy Metals Toxic?

Subsequently, heavy metals literally poison our bodies as they accumulate in the organs. They inflict damage to the brain, liver, digestive system, nervous system, and immune system. And over time, the heavy metals can start to oxidize and damage and inflame the surrounding tissue. This oxidation also causes the neurotransmitters in the brain to short circuit resulting in the brain heating up and potentially swelling.

In addition to all of that, toxic heavy metals also serve as a feeding ground for harmful viruses and bacteria. So, not only do they act as neurotoxins, but they fuel they fuel bad guys already present. Because of this, we can start to experience all sorts of confusing and challenging symptoms and conditions. Basically, the symptoms we end up experiencing depend on where the heavy metals settle and which heavy metals are present. We all have various combinations of metals and toxins. As a result, we each have our unique set of heavy metal related symptoms and conditions like the ones below:

  1. ADHD and ADD

  2. Autism

  3. Alzheimers and Parkinsons

  4. Depression and anxiety

  5. Bloating and abdominal pain

  6. Constipation and diarrhea

  7. Tingling and numbness

  8. Brain fog

  9. Fatigue

  10. Seizures

  11. Infertility

  12. Heart palpitations

  13. Ringing in the ears

  14. Dizziness and vertigo And SO MUCH MORE

Heavy Metal Detox, Medical Medium Style

Thankfully, we can address the toxic accumulation with the Medical Medium Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie! The 5 active ingredients in the smoothie (first five listed below) work together as a team. They remove heavy metals deposits from anywhere in the body and safely escort them out of the body completely. Unfortunately, other popular heavy metal detox foods like chlorella can actually drop the metals somewhere else, causing more problems. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can eat these foods separately in a 24 hour time frame rather than drink the smoothie. I find that the smoothie is a quick and easy way to make sure I get them in. Even if you end up drinking this smoothie regularly for years and drastically lower your heavy metal toxicity, it’s still important to keep it in your life as we are constantly faced with new exposure.

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie Recipe

Serves 1 Ingredients:

  1. 1 cup cilantro

  2. 1 tsp barley grass juice powder

  3. 2 cups wild blueberries

  4. 1 tsp spirulina

  5. 1 small handful of Atlantic dulse

  6. 1 cup orange juice

  7. 2 bananas

  8. Optional: water to blend Directions: In a high speed blender, blend all ingredients until smooth. Feel free to add in additional fruit as well.

If you are more sensitive or suspect you have high levels of heavy metal toxicity, start slow. Therefore, try adding just a quarter of the first five ingredients – as these are the ones that do all the work. Then, work your way up as feels right for you. Make sure you hydrate well throughout the day with living water. This will allow your body to flush everything out. In addition to helping eliminate heavy metals, this smoothie provides critical glucose and hydration as well.

In conclusion, awareness of the destructive nature of heavy metals allows you to choose differently for your and your family. If you have symptoms that can be linked to heavy metals, it’s best to act on it sooner than later so you can start to find relief. In reality, anyone living on this planet right now can benefit from this incredible heavy metal detox smoothie! I’ve been drinking it for three years now and will continue for the rest of my days! I definitely attribute it to being a pivotal piece to me healing debilitating chronic illness. I’m so very grateful for this medicine that’s helping so many get their lives back. Now it’s your turn! To learn more about the benefits to detoxing in general, check out this post of mine.

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