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Start Healing Now : Medical Medium 101 Crash Course

The Medical Medium diet has become a way of life for thousands across the globe. The momentum and popularity of this lifestyle builds as thousands upon thousands are healing conditions they previously thought lifelong. If you’re reading this article, chances are looking for a Medical Medium 101 crash course after hearing about the miraculous recoveries thousands have made. That’s great news! Sounds like your’e interested in joining the success stories.

Stepping upon this healing path is really an amazing thing to offer to your biggest ally – your body. Yep, that’s right. Your body is always on your side, always fighting for you. That’s one of the first things that I learned on my Medical Medium healing journey. It was so incredibly empowering to discover that my body wasn’t ever attacking itself. It is and has always been fighting for me. I just wasn’t giving it the tools it needed to do its job. That’s what this lifestyle is all about – providing your body with the right tools so that it can clean up toxic accumulation and repair so that you live the life you’ve dreamed of.

Healing with the Medical Medium Diet

I’ve been living this lifestyle for three years. Check out this post to learn more about how I healed Hashimotos along with severe mystery neurological symptoms. As a result, I was unable to participate in life outside of my home for years. Beginning and staying on this path was one of the best decisions in my life – second only to marrying the man of my dreams. Once you commit and stay on track, this lifestyle will absolutely change your life. It can help make the “impossible” possible and give us the opportunity to truly heal on all levels.

We can heal autoimmune conditions. We can heal chronic conditions that we’ve been told there aren’t cures to. There are cures. When we know the root cause we can address it head on and see the results we’ve been longing for. I know what it’s like to not have answers and to look all over the place for answers or even quick fixes. This path is not a quick fix. It takes work – but the reward is so very worth the journey.

Healing Takes Time

Ok, great! You’ve decided to give it a try and get started today! Pleeeease make sure you are patient with the process. Really give it a solid go. Don’t expect to try it for a week or two and see everything change. For many, it can take 2-3 months before there are many noticeable shifts. This can be because there were things already in motion before starting the Medical Medium diet. Also, it can take a good amount of time to really implement everything. And, while I totally get the desire to dive in deep, you don’t want to rush this! Consequently, one of the biggest keys to this path is to make it sustainable. I encourage you to get started and find a pace that works for you. Try to build one piece upon the other so that you don’t lose momentum.

Listing everything in one post isn’t possible and would definitely overwhelm you! But that just means we have lots of tools to help our body come back into balance. After all, the Medical Medium now has six books published about this information. When someone works with me, I help them distill down this information so they don’t need to read every book front to end. Because, let’s face it, if you are chronically ill, you often don’t have much energy for that. I’m also in the midst of putting together a 16 week course called The Divine Healing Path in which one will be able to self-guide through the different areas that we need to address to find true health.

Medical Medium 101 Crash Course First Steps

Below are great actions to get you started. Making these changes alone and focusing on this for several months will bring some amazing results for most of you. 

  1. Begin your day with 32 ounces of lemon, honey, ginger water every morning. ½” – 1” of grated or sliced ginger, 1-3 tbsp raw honey, juice of up to 1 lemon. Place ginger in water and let sit for at least 15-20 minutes and then add in the raw honey and lemon juice. Mix and enjoy! Drink more throughout day for added bonus!

  2. Start drinking CJ every morning – start slow. If you are sensitive, start with a couple ounces and build up to 16 ounces over time as you sense if right for you. Work your way up to 16 ounce of celery juice every morning (after the LHG water above).

  3. Add more fruit AND potatoes into your daily life. Yes, that’s right – fruit AND potatoes! Don’t be afraid of them. They are both a key piece to this healing path. Fruits (and veggies) are used as medicine on this path. They contain the essentials our body needs to thrive. They also contain antiviral and antibacterial compounds that get at the root of illness. Along with all of that, they help support the body in detoxing all of the toxic junk.

  4. Begin cutting back on your fat intake. For starters, cut it in half. This gives your liver a break. Contrary to popular belief, even healthy fats can get in our way. The liver has to stop whatever it’s doing in order to break down fats – that means no detoxing and no processing or storing nutrients you need to be strong and healthy.

  5. Start cutting out the “no foods”. These foods literally feed the very things we are looking to eliminate. These main no foods are: eggs, dairy, corn, soy, gluten, canola oil, pork, added flavorings (including “natural flavors” and other potential sources of MSG). These no foods add to the toxicity we are wanting to bring way down. Cutting these out completely or at least drastically down, It makes a huge difference.

Get Clear on Why You’re Starting the Medical Medium Path

When you take these Medical Medium 101 crash course steps, you can find profound changes and results. But, there is one other thing. It’s incredibly important to get clear on why you are interested in getting on this path. How would your look if you were truly well? What sort of freedom would you have? What would it be like if you could stop managing symptoms? Who does your illness affect? Reflecting on these questions and their answers can bring clarity and help you understand why you are doing this for yourself. As a result, you have fuel you to really make a commitment and stay the course. 

The suggestions above are a great start to get you going with solid momentum. There is more that you’ll likely need to add in. This is where working with me can become very beneficial. I help keep the process streamline and I also provide you with intuitive testing assessment so we can get a look at things like your toxic heavy metal load, EBV load, adrenal fatigue, liver functioning and more. Feel free to schedule a complimentary session so we can see if we’d be a good fit in working together. I wish you tremendous success on your healing journey, wherever it may take you.

If you’re ready to get started and are looking for guidance, I’m here to help. Check out my main page, The Divine is Within, for more info on working with me. I also have many other Medical Medium inspired posts on this blog for you to check out. My aim is to make this valuable information accessible and easy to filter through and start using! Feel free to check out this special page Medical Medium 101 page that has been created as a resource for newbies.

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