Are Eggs Good or Bad : The Incredible Inedible Egg

Eggs have long been heralded as a miracle health food. Most of us were raised on them and led to believe that starting your day with one or two would help provide needed protein and fuel for the day. We put eggs in and on our breakfast foods among other meals. Most of us have pleasant memories of sharing mornings with family involving a yummy breakfast that always included eggs in some fashion. Though we may look upon those memories fondly, it’s ok to ask “are eggs good or bad for us?”.

For many years, I ate eggs every single morning. I’d eat them hard boiled for “healthy” snacks as well. I believed I was doing something good for my body. I continued this when I became really ill with mystery symptoms. But then, one morning, it all became clear. I noticed a pattern of eating eggs and feeling even more fatigued than I already did in my ill state. And my brain fog became more crippling as well. It was obvious that I could no longer eat eggs without experiencing immediate undesirable symptoms. After this experience, it took me a couple of years to get answers, but when I did it all made sense!

The Corruption of Eggs