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Are Eggs Good or Bad : The Incredible Inedible Egg

Eggs have long been heralded as a miracle health food. Most of us were raised on them and led to believe that starting your day with one or two would help provide needed protein and fuel for the day. We put eggs in and on our breakfast foods among other meals. Most of us have pleasant memories of sharing mornings with family involving a yummy breakfast that always included eggs in some fashion. Though we may look upon those memories fondly, it’s ok to ask “are eggs good or bad for us?”.

For many years, I ate eggs every single morning. I’d eat them hard boiled for “healthy” snacks as well. I believed I was doing something good for my body. I continued this when I became really ill with mystery symptoms. But then, one morning, it all became clear. I noticed a pattern of eating eggs and feeling even more fatigued than I already did in my ill state. And my brain fog became more crippling as well. It was obvious that I could no longer eat eggs without experiencing immediate undesirable symptoms. After this experience, it took me a couple of years to get answers, but when I did it all made sense!

The Corruption of Eggs

Not too far back in human history, eggs were a decent option to provide sustenance to the body. They weren’t too hard to come by when times were rough. That, and their high fat made them a great survival food. However, in the 20th century their docile nature changed when labs began using eggs as part of their experiments with bacteria and viruses.

While experimenting, pathologists realized when they put eggs on pathogens under research, they grew and multiplied. The membranes of the pathogens absorbed the eggs. The eggs served as a fuel source and caused the pathogens to proliferate. Somehow, these very pathogens got out of the confines of the labs and are now quite common among the population.

These bacteria and viruses are now being fed in their human hosts whenever we eat eggs. This continues to this day. As eggs are eaten by humans, the harmful pathogens in their body also get to eat. I know, it sounds bizarre; Like some mad scientist was conspiring in his dark dungeon of a laboratory. I don’t know the circumstances, but we must now live with and respond to the results.

Turns Out Eggs aren’t a Health Food

So when you eat eggs, it feeds harmful pathogens in your body. Then, these pathogens excrete harmful neurotoxins and byproduct as a result. These excreted toxins contribute to the suffering of millions from so many conditions and symptoms. The liver, nervous system, organs and glands, bloodstream, brain, and more can all accumulate these toxins and suffer as a result.

This is why I started to experience intense brain fog and fatigue when I’d eat eggs. When I’d eat the eggs, neurotoxins flooded my already toxic system. Eggs gradually pushed me further and further along the path of ill health until the reaction was immediate. But don’t let it fool you if you don’t seem to have some sort of egg allergy or intolerance. In the background, the toxins can accumulate until one day the scales are tipped and in creep symptoms.

Additionally, eggs are quite high in fat. Fat is hard on your liver, especially when it’s being consumed in high amounts throughout the day. The liver is so key to the health of the entire body. Fat is one of the major issues that can bring down the functioning of the liver and result in more symptoms and conditions.

Removing Eggs from your Diet

If you have symptoms or conditions of any kind, at the very least, I highly suggest greatly reducing egg consumption. Try slowly weaning off of any food you might try to eliminate. When it comes to eliminating foods that aren’t healthy, it’s best to replace them rather than eliminate them. You might think, “what’s the difference?” When we replace unhealthy foods with healthier ones, it gives us a different perspective. Coming from a place of abundance rather than lack. Ideally, there won’t be any more room in the diet for foods that don’t serve you when you eat plenty of life giving foods.

I know this shift can be challenging, but think of what you can gain from it. Imagine feeling stronger and having less symptoms. You might actually find that as you come off a food, you eventually have no desire for it anymore. For myself, I don’t generally crave any foods that I know can cause damage or don’t support wellness.

Healing Foods to Add In

Once eggs are reduced and eliminated, there will be a need to help the liver detox the muck. Also consider that as you remove this fuel source for pathogens, they begin to die off. This means you’ll need to provide adequate tools to help the body cleanse. Here are some beginning tips.

  1. Lemon honey ginger water. This delicious and healing drink can work wonders. Drinking it first thing in the morning helps to cleanse the liver from a night of hard work. Added bonus if you continue to drink it throughout the day! Check out this post for the LHGW recipe along with other detox suggestions.

  2. Celery juice. Working your way up to 16 ounces of celery juice every morning (after the lemon honey ginger water) will further help clean on your body and even fight off pathogens, present or new exposure.

  3. Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie. This helps to further clean up toxins that feed pathogens while providing essential glucose and hydration.

  4. Plenty of fruit and veggies, including potatoes and sweet potatoes.

“But what about my protein?”

Wait, eggs are packed with protein, don’t we need lots of protein to be healthy?! Sure, we do need protein, but turns out we need much less than we’re told. When you eat two eggs, you’re eating around 14 grams of protein. However, because animal protein isn’t a clean easy fuel source to process, the body might only receive a couple of grams. And, in an attempt to process all of that, the liver gets weighed down from the extra work and the additional fat intake.

When you eat something as simple as spinach, it’s actually quite easy to digest and assimilate. As a result, your body could receive the same amount of protein from a serving of spinach as you would from an egg or two. But, without the burden of extra protein and fat to sort through. You end up with less stress on the body and the same amount of protein. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you only eat spinach. It’s just an example of easier ways to get accessible protein.

Although, the body doesn’t even run on protein. I realize this is quite controversial, but it actually runs on glucose. The glucose present in fruits, sweet potatoes, raw honey, and squash are all critical for our health and vitality. This is the real priority for the body to thrive. 

Do you have an egg allergy or egg intolerance?

If you find that you are reacting to eggs, chances are you have high toxicity in the body. Food intolerance is often not what we think it is. The foods themselves aren’t what the body reacts to. The body reacts to toxins that pathogens release. For more information on this, check out my post “Understanding Food Intolerance and How to Overcome”.

A Note on Eggs and Cancer

I wish to tread lightly with this particular area. I realize there is so much conflicting information about health in general, but it’s even more charged when it comes to cancer. I understand and do not wish to upset, only to inform and help support. I will simply say that eggs can contribute to the rapid growth of cancer, cysts, tumors, fibroid, and nodules. Whether you intend to fight or prevent cancer, avoid eggs at all costs.

Great Answers From Great Questions

No matter what your situation, if you are still eating eggs, I hope you’re starting to reconsider. Removing eggs from your diet can truly help give your body the chance to heal and be well. I realize this is a touchy subject for some, especially those who are very attached to labels as identity. Vegan or carnivore, plant-based or vegetarian. Whatever the label, it’s not about choosing sides between plant-based and otherwise. It’s all about providing the body with what it needs to thrive and learning what will help us do just that!

Uncovering information that may conflict with what we once believed has the potential to cause a lot of questioning. That’s great! Question everything under the sun and question the sun itself! What is the truth of it all? Controversy brings questions and this helps us dig deep to get to the root. Addressing the root cause allows us to course correct and find health and happiness. And before you say, where’s the evidence to back up any of these claims…I ask you, where’s the evidence to back up the notion that eggs are healthy?

To learn more about the history of eggs and how they get in the way of good health, check out this Medical Medium podcast, Eggs: Eaters Lose All. If you are suffering from chronic illness and don’t know where to start, I can help. Check out my home page to learn more about me and my services. Blessings on your healing journey wherever it may take you.

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