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6 Month Coaching Package

Rustic spread of healing roots and herbs

If you're looking for a holistic health practitioner and are a potential first time client, be sure to schedule a 'Get Acquainted' session to see if we'd be a good fit.

6 Month Package Includes:

  • Intuitive health evaluation (updated monthly to show progress)

  • Identification of root causes

  • Guidance on implementing a whole food, plant based diet

  • Personalized supplement plan

  • Access to my in depth online course - The Divine Healing Path : Reversing Chronic Illness ($99 value)

  • How to detox safely and effectively

  • Energy healing (as time allows)

  • Tools for spiritual growth 

  • Greater understanding how everything in our being is connected 

  • How to development your own intuition

  • Tools to become your own health expert

  • Email support in between sessions for those questions that are sure to come up along the way

This option is ideal for you if:

  • You are dealing with multiple symptoms or conditions

  • You are feeling stuck or blocked on your current healing journey

  • You are looking for holistic guidance, realizing the physical, mental, and emotional, and spiritual are all connected 

I have seen that those willing to commit to regular sessions have better long term success in their healing so 6 month plan is highly suggested! However, single sessions are an option if you are not interested in on-going support.

Sign up below if you're ready to get started!

  • 6 Month Plan

    Every month
    Get a great start and stay on track!
    Valid for 6 months

I offer a sliding scale to those who really need my help but cannot afford the full price. Please email me if you would like to work with me but truly cannot afford the pricing.

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