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Spiritual Cleansing : Are you Purging for the Planet?

Now that we’ve all experienced 2020, I don’t think any of us need to be informed about the potent times we’re in the midst of. We are watching and participating in an unprecedented collective spiritual cleansing. This purification process looks completely different for all of us. Some will do their damndest to ignore it and struggle as the old falls away. While others feel the shift but still might resist it due to its unfamiliarity and destructive nature. 

You cannot be on this planet at this time and be unaffected by these massive cycles of change. Imagine if everyone consciously participated in the spiritual cleansing of The Great Awakening! You might think, “yeah, world would change tomorrow!” Thankfully, we don’t have to wait for everyone to get on board. Some of us are purging for the planet, for those who aren’t able to or don’t want to.

The Burden Bearers

This article is for those who don’t only know that we are in this Great Awakening, but feel it to their core. It’s for those who are purging, or cleansing for the planet. If you are reading this article and feeling the cosmic energetics deeply, you are likely one of us. Let’s face it, some of us were born to be finely tuned energetic instruments. It can feel like a total burden at times. In fact, in Christianity, this kind of person is referred to as “the burden bearer”.

During these times, sensitives are absolutely clearing for the collective. I don’t know if it’s because many or unable or unwilling or unaware or why exactly. But, it is clear that many of us are here to serve in humanity’s awakening in this way. We were born for these times. It needn’t weigh us down. Though, I completely understand how it can start to. The ascension symptoms we experience are a result of various processes going on. But, ultimately, it’s a purification process. We are purifying ourselves, our ancestors, our fellow brothers and sisters and possibly other life as well. At times it’s hard to tell what’s what and whose is who’s. Can that be ok?

Spiritual Cleansing as a Simple Task

Can we clear for humanity in the same way we do the dishes? Can it be a responsibility that we tend to and handle with ease? In my experience, it can ease up when we shift our perspective and beliefs about what we’re experiencing. When we have fear or dread around it, it tends to amplify the discomfort. Likely because this restricts our energy channels and prevents the new energies from traveling through us with ease.

The mind’s interpretation of ascension “symptoms” can make things more tricky and challenging than they need to be. Believe me, I know of the discomforts intense energetics and awakenings can cause. I also know of the crazy crap the mind can throw at you. The ego wants to know when it’ll end and sometimes convince you that you cannot handle it much longer. 

You are not Your Mind

Thankfully, you are not your ego and you are not your mind. If you are willing to question your thoughts, you’ll find that so many of them aren’t true. I remember my mind telling me that I couldn’t take anymore after a couple years of an indescribable Kundalini Awakening. I’d even speak it out loud that I couldn’t handle it. This definitely didn’t help me break free from the thought. It just further fueled it. Stay conscious. Stay aware and don’t identify with your mind.

How to Handle Spiritual Cleansing During these Times

These tips below can help you find stability and more ease when you’re feeling “too much”.

  1. Surrender is quite possibly the best way to respond to the discomfort that comes with purging. When you try to control your experience, it contracts you and feeds fear. When you let go, you can Trust that the Divine is leading you and has your back.

  2. Epsom salt bath. Don’t be afraid to do this every day. 2 cups of fragrance free epsom salt for 25-40 minutes

  3. Lay on the earth. Literally, to help release and draw in the healing energy. 

  4. Grounding exercises. It’s best to practice throughout the day during these intense energetics!

  5. Hydrate more. This is critical while the system is trying to cleanse. Drink living water, fresh juices, and coconut water.

  6. Keep your main channel open. Keep the base of the skull/back of the neck (occipital ridge) open. Also keep the spine and the sacrum released. These three areas can get tight and prevent energy for flowing smoothly and then cause much of the energetic discomfort we experience. Massage them and if you find they’re sore, chances are they’re clogging things up.

  7. Holistic healing. This needs to be gentle and gradual. Clearing out the toxic debris in the physical and emotional bodies provides a stronger foundation for the energetic cleansing to take place. Less blockages means better flowing energy. I can be of service if you feel called.

Clearing Entities

I’d like to mention one last piece. Sometimes, non-beneficial entities can be and added layer on top of the intense energetics. For me, this has been something that took me years to figure out. Now I know how it feels if one comes on. For me, it’s like an energetic nausea and fatigue. The tricky thing about this is that it feels very similar to intense periods of energetic purging. I think the purging can “attract” them in a way. But, through pendulum testing , muscle testing, or inner intuitive knowing, you can see if it is in fact a non-beneficial entity. This can be cleared quite easily. There are many ways to accomplish this but this is what I have used with reliable success.

  1. Speak out loud “ I am no longer available for entity attachment. I demand you to leave now.”

  2. Call upon a powerful guide or angel and ask them to help clear you of any non-beneficial entities. I myself say, “ I thank the Angel of Mercy and my Black Panther helping spirit for clearing me of any and all non-beneficial entities that are attached to me at this time.”

  3. I then clear myself with either a smudge spray or the smoke of copal, palo santo, or sage. 

  4. You are free to add the lighting of a candle to this if you wish.

  5. You can test again after a couple minutes to see if it’s gone. You will likely gradually notice the discomfort from the entity leaves with it. 

On some level, we allow them to be present and attach to us. As we shift, this can shift as well.

Born for These Times

Us sensitives came here with a mission. I cannot say it’s the same for each of us, but on some level, we are contributing to the evolution of humanity and even Earth, herself. Consciousness is surely rising, even if it seems like it’s taken a deep dive into the abyss in 2020. When we have multiple retrogrades and endings of enormous cycles, it can feel like the discomfort is never ending.

As we go through spiritual cleansing, many of us will eventually handle the energetics with more grace. As the sludge gets cleared out, there is less to clear and we are more in alignment with the cosmic energetics. Both as individuals and collectively. That which holds humanity back from being free is crumbling. We are making way for the world that many of us have been dreaming of. You were meant to be here for this and I’m honored to have you here with me doing this critical work. Bless you.

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